You Mean A Lot To Me

I write how I feel, and usually I feel a lot about you.

The up and downs of love- broadcasted on tumblr.

Some of this is made up, some true, some directed at a specific person, some directed at us all- and some just because I feel like it.

My name is unknown to you, but I am you all. We are the faces of love.

Ask me a Lovely Question
All I want to do is put the spark in your eye, make you smile, make you go that extra mile.
— Savannah

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I hate when he asks me to do something for him, and I have to say no.

It’s not like I won’t do it for you, it’s just that I can’t. 

And I hate how he understands, why can’t he be mad at me? I’d rather him be mad instead of saying it’s fine. 

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Probing Eyes

I think of the times you looked me in the eyes

And wondering if this was our final goodbye

I remember those eyes probing mine

And blinking back tears as as a piece of me died. 

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Hug Me Everyday

When you hug me everyday, I feel so safe.

Those few seconds in your arms give me strength. 

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This is our song. 

I like how it incorporates the sad, happy, and hopeful elements in it. Right now, this is how I feel towards our love.

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There is Doubt

I don’t listen to the words you say 

You say you don’t play,

You say that love isn’t a game, 

But I still feel the same

When I’m with you there is doubt

That I’m not the only one you care about

And when I think you only lust

Your love for me I realize I must trust


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I cry over him at night
And smile with him in the morning
— #is that love

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Burned Apart

Tears are bleeding out of my eyes, 

The blood of sorrow, pain, and all emotion,

Clouding my vision 

And making me think thoughts against you.

And you’re not romantic, 

You don’t sweep me off my feet, 

And at times I wonder if you’re not the one for me. 

In word you are, 

In deed maybe not, 

And your thoughts are like acid,

Burning my skin until it reaches my heart.

You’ve burned me apart. 

A poem written while I trembled in tears, written on the back of a note card. The card’s broken hearts on the front are stained from my tears. 

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True love makes you smile and giggle in the middle of the night just thinking about him, and it can make you hate waking up, because of what he puts you through.

It can make you laugh, it can make you cry. It WILL do both.

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No one’s around to listen,
Because no one’s around to hear
— Savannah

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